CINEDICTUM-2: 10 new short films are finally ready!

We are happy to announce this! The so-awaited "Cinedictum-2" package is even better than the first one. Cinedictum-2 package includes 10 new films:

"The Wine of Love",
"Banking Operation",
"Daddy with Baby",
"Full Circle",
"The Image",
"The Actor",
"Found Guilty!"

We again worked with absolutely new actors; we added some new members to our crew; we have enriched our production experience; we avoided our previous mistakes; we have a new and brilliant music composer for these films; we did everything we could, so you would enjoy watching our movies!

Check out the updated sections of our website:

Films Description - information of the 10 new films from "Cinedictum-2" package;
Photo Gallery - a lot of never seen before "behind-the-scene" and "from-the-movies" photos;
Credits - all fresh actors; some new members of our crew;
And other related information on these 10 new films.

Dive into this fresh film experience:

Yours faithfully,
Shavkat Karimov
Cinedictum Films

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