Cinedicta, if shown many times on TV, can have an effect that commercials have. After much repetition viewers begin applying slogans from TV commercials to their daily lives. Frequently children and sometimes adults repeat meaningless slogans that they hear on TV. These slogans do not educate people; in most cases they don't make sense. It would be much better if people heard and used smart non-advertising slogans from cinedicta. We call them dicta (dictums).

Nowadays, many modern commercials (as well as infomercials) only exercise popular methods of psychological influence: "25-th frame", "color manipulation", "anchor", all sorts of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methods, etc. The reason is the very short time given for a commercial. Beside being inhumane and abusive, these methods are also less effective than a so-called "story-method", widely used in cinema (as well as literature, theater and some other arts). Story-method is a method of influence via storytelling.


Cinedictum is not just another short film, because it's TOO short. Cinedicta are subject to different canons; they have different principles. In addition, they have a specific, distinctive feature - they are film-aphorisms.


Here is a simple formula: 1 feature = 45 cinedicta. You get 45 stories, which are absolutely unique from each other instead of one long story. But this does not mean we should abandon features. Feature is the greatest of all cinema creations. We are merely discussing a choice. Instead of 6 features, you could watch 5 features and 45 cinedicta.

The advantage of the feature is in a well-known psychological effect. There is a simple rule which governs the attention an audience gives to anything "long": an implication into the story (people have to follow it as they have started watching and are interested in what will happen next) + habit (especially with TV series which people watch every day) and + repetition. Features, novels and long musical compositions all use this rule.

Anything "short" lacks this advantage, which makes it very difficult to attract audience attention. But this is why it is an art.