This page is totally devoted to our new distribution policy.

Now we are looking for an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for the whole project. To get this exclusivity we only ask for the ADVANCE that will allow us to produce every new package again for your distribution. This scheme will strongly help with the sales. The more films made, the easier to sell them all over the world.

Two packages are ready. Thus, we have 20 films produced. We would need another 30 films to be produced to have a highly profiled television product: Cinedictum super-mini-series.

This is how the Cinedictum package can be offered to Television:
52 episodes - 1 per week - during 1 year (2 minutes each week for a year)
50 episodes - 1 per workday - during 10 weeks (2 minutes each workday for 10 weeks)
49 episodes - 1 per day - during 7 weeks (2 minutes every day for 7 weeks)

It is a wise decision and it will help the Cinedictum project to grow fast. The reasons are:

- Exclusivity makes it easier for distributor to sell Cinedictums;
- An advance will secure us from weak distribution work;
- A distributor usually has a good number of films to sell. Distributor will try to sell our films first if he has had to put out money for those films. When distributor pays an advance for our films he will keep expenses down and maximize sales by selling it more aggressively to all markets;
- The advance is needed for the immediate production of the next Cinedictum package. And so on.

Another solution is to divide the world among strong local distributors and sell them exclusive rights for their territories only. Thus the amount of asked upfront money would be split among them. In this case, the territories will be divided by traditional geographical film markets.

Cinedictums can be sold not only to Television, but also to numerous other venues. To see the full list, go here:

To find out what the World thinks about our films, please read the reviews at:

We have everything ready (unique and interesting scripts, professional team, working production scheme on 35mm film, conceptual fundament, lowest production costs, successful brand, etc.) Now we need a strong exclusive distributor.

The Cinedictum is taking its next big stepů Many people around the world are sure that it will finally grow into a real big thing in the future. Right now, in the beginning of our road - let us help each other to make it happen. We'll do our best to deliver high-quality unique films - Cinedictums, and you'll do your best to distribute them everywhere you can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information. We would also appreciate your advices and recommendations on this matter. Thanks in advance.

What do you think?

Yours faithfully,
Shavkat Karimov
Cinedictum Film

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