Cinedictum-films meet all international film and TV standards' requirements:

LANGUAGE: Films are silent, i.e. they have noises, voices and music, but if you mute your TV, you will still understand everything. All titles are in English

ORIGIN: 35mm Kodak film

TAPE FORMAT: Betacam SP videotape (all formats are available: PAL, NTSC and SECAM)


ASPECT RATIO: 1:1.33 (3 X 4)

SOUND: Hi-Fi Stereo

CLEARANCES: the films have all clearances and rights for commercial distribution

COPYRIGHT: All films are protected by US copyright Law, and by International Copyright Treaties

CATEGORY (GENRE): 19 films of 20 are Situation Comedies (15 films are inspired by Herluf Bidstrup's [top-ranked comedy master] stories-in-picture); and one film is a Social Drama

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Each CINEDICTUM is fresh and original from beginning to end. These are not low-budget films.

Superior actors (72 main heroes, more than 150 of extras) and a superior crew (28 permanent crew members). The films feature big names of the Uzbek film industry.

Music was written for each film with a careful personal approach to its content.

Extremely short, original script was written for each CINEDICTUM.

The best film studio of Uzbekistan "UZBEKFILM" (one of the best studios in the former Soviet Union) is hired to work on our production.

RUNNING TIME: all 20 films without end credits: 41 min. 33 sec.